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Summary Edit

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Current All MightEdit

Destructive Power Feats:

Destroys multiple city blocks while holding back

Launches noumu a good distance away

Speed Feats:

Keeps up with all for one who casual dodged edgeshot a confirmed supersonic character

Strength Feats:

Pancakes a refrigerator with one hand

Launches noumu

Durability Feats:

Takes hits from all for one, who is just as strong as he is

Stamina Feats:

Pushes past his own limits to keep fighting (this damages his body)

Range Feats:

Hits Deku and Bakugo from several city-blocks away

Intellligence Feats:

Deduces the nature of noumu's quirk and works around it.

Powers, Abilities, and Gear:

One for All: Inherited quirk that allows the user to draw upon the combined strength of all its previous users.


He can only maintain his powered form for a set time limit each day. Lower end speed for a mid tier character

Other Feats:

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