"I’ve been dead for 35 years. Today is the day I live.” - Brad Armstrong

Summary Edit

Brad is a middle aged man living in the post apocalyptic region of Olathe. Scarred from his horrible childhood, Brad lives as a mellow, mild-mannered alcoholic and Joy (a very powerful drug) addict until he wanders upon a baby girl. Knowing that she is the last female on Olathe, he names her Buddy and raises her in isolation. This all changes when the Rando Army kidnaps Buddy. Brad sets out on an excruciating quest to find Buddy and defeat the Rando Army.

Brad is an Inbetweener, albiet likely on the lower scale. His strength, durability, and speed are notable enough to push him past Street, but his other stats aren’t quite up to par.

Brad Armstrong Edit

Destructive Power Feats:

Defeats Rando, who no-sells a bike going full speed into him

Before this, he reduces an army of 20 men to mincemeat

Speed Feats:

Strikes FTE

Fireballs are also FTE

Strength Feats:

Lifts a pile of debris weighing around 1.5-2.0 tons

Durability Feats:

Tanks attacks from an army of 20 Rando soldiers

Tanks attacks from Rando, a fellow Armstrong style user, who can also plunge his hand into Brad’s chest to strike at his heart

Survives falls no regular man should (he falls off this cliff 15 times in a row to gain an item)

Even higher falls

Stamina Feats:

Fights Rando Army and Rando before succumbing to his wounds after a brief talk with Buddy

Range Feats:

Stands a notable distance away while launching Fireballs

Intellligence Feats:

None notable

Powers, Abilities, and Gear:

  1. Armstrong Style: A fighting style mastered by Brad Armstrong that includes shooting fireballs of varying strength, punching in a quick barrage, dropkicking, headbutting, and kicking in the groin

A simple protective poncho

Joy which fully recovers Brad and puts him in a state of feeling nothing, buffing all stats

TNT which is self-explanitory


Driven by his emotions, Brad will cast aside all logic if it means saving his daughter. Brad can also suffer from Joy withdrawl which severely weakens him unless Joy is taken. Brad can recover from this naturally over time.

Other Feats:

Can climb a rope with no arms

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