Introduction Edit

During debates certain terms will come up often, you will need to know their definitions to properly debate.

Terms Edit

PIS: A feat influenced fully by plot. A character defeating or affecting a character(s) they shouldn't in order to push the story in the correct direction.

WIS: A feat from a writer who repeatedly displays poor understanding or care for tiers. This is usually a character triumphing over a power individual in order to portray a happier ending, but doesn't necessarily have to progress the plot (and sometimes does the opposite)

CIS: A feat affected by a character's negative (sometimes positive) personality traits that limit the usage of their abilities. This is usually something that involves morals.

Outlier: A feat with no discernible explanation, but still goes direct against tiering. These are usually throw-away feats and appear much more frequently in the Silver Age.

Jobbing: A feat showing a more powerful character losing to a weaker (but possibly more popular or notable) character in order to make the former look better in the viewer's eyes.

Hardcounter: When a character has an ability or trait that nullifies another character's main abilities, essentially granting an instant win in most cases.

Classic Feats: A feat from a classic version of a character in an era where Silver Surfer was considered low-tier.

One-off/Inconsistent Ability: An ability that a character rarely shows or has only used once. A lot of magic users and anime characters will have these.