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Summary Edit

Harry Dresden is the main character of the Dresden Files book series written by Jim Butcher. Harry fits best in inbetweener tier.

Harry Dresden Edit

Destructive Power Feats:

Blasts a werewolf through several walls. 

Fire spells turn sand to glass and vaporizes wooden furniture. 

Large scale gravity spell (ley line needed) flattens army of super humans.

Freezes enough water to lift a collapsed warehouse out of Lake Michigan.

Speed Feats:

Blocks point blank shotgun blast

Reacts to knife thrown at several hundred miles per hour.

Strength Feats:   

Breaks vampire's sternum with a kick.    

Bench presses 400 kilos in sets.    

Pulled a car out of a ditch (with great difficulty).  

Durability Feats:   

Enchanted coat blocks military grade gunfire   

Shield blocks sustained gunfire from multiple sources at once.   

Shield withstands landmines and a 12 story fall in an elevator.  

Stamina Feats: 

Runs around all night with a bullet hole in his leg.

Range Feats: 

Fire spells have 40 foot radius

Intellligence Feats:

Skilled private investigator, solves cases with little outside help. Dresdenverse magic is highly scientific and thus requires significant intelligence to master it.

Powers, Abilities, and Gear:

Pyrokinesis, Cryokinesis, his coat is enchanted to be a super bullet proof vest and can take military grade gunfire. Shield bracelet and other magical foci assist in the casting of magic, although they are not necessary. Bob, a super intelligent spirit trapped inside of a human skull, encyclopedia of magic at Harry's disposal. Various handguns and shotguns.


Harry's Winter Mantle dulls pain to the point where he barely notices it.  This can make him unaware of serious injuries until he passes out or dies from them. Since Dresden verse magic damages technology Harry cannot usually use complicated gear or weaponry. Overuse of magic tires him out.

Other Feats:

Freezes gun in the hands of a shooter before he can fire.

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