Tiering Edit

We tier characters based on every attribute (rather than some communities that tier for single attributes like destructive capability). Gear, abilities, stats, and everything that makes up a character's offensive and defensive output are taken into account when tiering. GOLD currently tiers based on 11 tiers, these tiers being: Street, Inbetweener, Mid, Planetary, Cosmic, Transcedent, Skyfather, Universal, Multiversal, Creation, and True God. When it comes to tiering and their placement within tiers, GOLD also categorizes them into how viable they are in that tier, these categories being:

Scrub: The absolute lowest of the tier. Most Can't compete due to lack of stats, or have stats that are barely above that of the previous tier's peaks. Some can be beat by the higher end of the previous tier.

Low: Viable characters, but they are overall weaker and less versatile than the higher ups.

Average: The cut and dry middle. They can compete with, tag, and hurt all others in tier, but usually lack one characteristic to make them higher.

High: Most frequently used in tournaments. They don't always win against lower-ranked characters, but are overall most powerful besides for peaks.

Peak: The top. These characters are the most subject to bans as they can more often than not beat every other character in their tier.

Tiers Edit

Street: Peak humans for the most part with bullet-timing speed (High enders can be FTE). Generally have gadgets and hand-to-hand skill.

Inbetweener: With some exceptions, this is the first tier with metahuman stats. FTE to Subsonic speed with up to multi-ton strength and durability.

Mid: A tier that introduces hax as a prominent ability. Usually multi-hundred tonners with Supersonic speeds.

Planetary: As so named, these are the life-wiping at the higher ends, with glorified Mids at the bottom. Hypersonic to SoL speed with Nuke-level durability and destructive capability.

Cosmic: Usually the highest that tournaments will go. FTL planet busters with unbelievable power. They generally have long lists of abilities and are mostly made of comic book characters.






True God: